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Name: Power Generator
Description: Power Generators produce power from fuel. Although the idle power costs for ships is generally low, being unable to meet peak demands may leave a ship disabled in a time of crisis.
Unlocks with: Energy Sciences 1
Tags: Support,Power
Level: Energy Sciences

Game Version


Control from Control Systems (e.g. Bridge)
Fuel from a Fuel Cell

Data File Code

System: PowerGen
	Description: #SS_POWERGEN_DESC
	Appearance: NuclearReactor
	Explosion: subsys_powerexplode lasting 1.25
	Tags: Support, Power
	Tied To: EnergyPhysics 1
	Available: Techs.EnergyPhysics.Level > 0
	Level: Techs.EnergyPhysics.Level
	Size: Scale
	HPLevel: Techs.Materials.Level-1 As Level
	Durability: HEALTH_MULT * 50 * Size * pow(HEALTH_CURVE,HPLevel)
	Mass: 50 * Size
	Costs: Metals[200 * Size], 
		Electronics[10 * Size], 
		Labr[5 * Size]
	Complexity: 0.7
	vGen: Size * 25 * (2 - decay(pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE,Level), 50))
	vCost: 0.01 * decay(Size, 30)
	Provides: Power with
		Cost[vCost] //Larger power generators tend to be more efficient
	Provides: Capacitance with
		Amount[vGen * 2.5] //Hold 2.5 seconds of power output
		To Run: Control[2 * Size]
	//Multiply by 1.8 to approximate charge rate at 20% of max charge
	Hints: Power[1.8 * vGen], FuelUse[vCost * vGen * -1.8], Charge[vGen * 2.5]
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