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const int ID
Color color



bool isAllied( const File:Scr_both.png Empire@) const
bool setAllied( File:Scr_both.png Empire@, bool) const
bool isEnemy( const File:Scr_both.png Empire@) const
bool setEnemy( File:Scr_both.png Empire@, bool) const


uint getFleetsCount() const
File:Scr_both.png Fleet@ getFleet(uint fleetId)
Object getFleetCommander(uint fleetId)
Object getFleetCommander( const File:Scr_both.png string& name)


string getLastMessage() const
float getMsgDelay() const
void sendMessage( const File:Scr_both.png Empire@, File:Scr_both.png DiploTopic, File:Scr_both.png DiploMood, File:Scr_both.png DiploAttitude) const


double getResearchRate() const
void addResearch(float amount)
void modResearchRate(float amount)


float getSetting(const string@ &in name) const
void setSetting(const string@ &in name, float value)

Ship Layouts

File:Scr_both.png uint getShipLayoutCnt() const
File:Scr_both.png const HullLayout@ getShipLayout(uint index) const
File:Scr_both.png const HullLayout@ getShipLayout(const string@ &in name) const


Known stat names in the base game are:

  • Metals
  • Electronics
  • AdvParts (Advanced Parts)
  • Food
  • Guds (Goods)
  • Luxs (Luxuries)
File:Scr_both.png void getStatStats(const string@ &in name, float onHand, float income, float expense, float demand ) const
File:Scr_both.png float getStat(const string@ &in name) const
File:Scr_server.png float getStat(const Empire@ empire, const string@ &in name) const
File:Scr_both.png void addStat(const string@ &in name, float amount)
File:Scr_both.png float consumeStat(const string@ &in name, float amount)


string getName() const
bool isValid() const
bool isAI() const
bool isReserved() const
void regScriptData( const File:Scr_both.png string&in, const File:Scr_both.png string&in)
Emperor getRuler() const
Emperor getRuler()
void updateHull( const File:Scr_both.png string&in, float) const
void toggleObsolete( const File:Scr_both.png string&in) const

Related Functions

File:Scr_both.png Empire@ getActiveEmpire()
const File:Scr_both.png Empire@ getEmpireByID(int)
File:Scr_both.png Empire@ getEmpireByID(int)
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