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  • Information on this page is very likely to change in the near future due to pending upcoming internal changes and rebalancing.

Structures are massive planetary complexes dedicated to solving socioeconomic concerns, provide defenses, and supply empires with the resources necessary to expand across, explore, and control the galaxy.



Industrial structures deal with the production and refinement of raw materials (Ore) into usable resources (e.g. Ships)

Name: Advanced Component Factory
Description: This factory is among the most complex of all factories, possesing numerous modular manufacturing lines that construct small, complex units to be used in further construction.

Name: Ammo Depot
Description: This depot constructs large quantities of ammunition out of metals.

Name: Electronics Factory
Description: This factory constructs electronics from the metal alloys produced elsewhere.

Name: Fuel Depot
Description: This depot converts organics - typically substandard food - into fuel for use by vessels.

Name: Metal Mining Complex
Description: This large complex takes resources from the planet, smelting and refining them into usable alloys.

Name: General Goods Factory
Description: Produces goods necessary to maintain a happy population.

Name: Luxuries Factory
Description: Produces luxuries which significantly improve population happiness.

Name: Space Ports

Description: Space Ports pull materials down from the Empire Bank and upload resources into it at a rate determined by their tech level. Each functions independently of the other so their effects are effectively cumulative. They also provide a small amount of fuel and storage.

Space Ports ship each resource at 1/4th of its stated rate.

Their primary function is keeping planets supplied while productive.

NOTE: Space Ports vs Haulers

Haulers currently serve the function of providing materials to off-planet construction and 'smoothing out' the local economy between planets so as to make them more even and productive. They are also excellent aids to helping new systems get the resources they need from each other to build their structures faster before they become self-sufficient.

This is primarily desirable as space-based construction doesn't need Labor to function. Large objects are best constructed in space with the assistance of a Ship Construction Ship/Station which is aided by a fleet of Haulers.


Workforce buildings deal with the fact that your empire is fueled by sentients, that require food, sleep and tools to do anything

Name: City
Description: Provides homes for people, and provides reasonable population growth.

Name: Farm
Description: Provides food for people.

Name: Ship Yard

Description: A land-based ship construction facility, capable of producing vastly larger vessels than an unequipped population. Also aids in fabrication of structures.


Storage structures store refined or raw materials to either be transported onto other planets or loaded onto docked ships. Though Industrial complexes do provide some of their own storage space, Storage complexes store resources at a far vaster scale and breadth.

Name: Cargo Storage
Description: A large quantity of buildings modularly designed to store anything and everything.

Name: Fuel Depot
Description: This depot converts organics - typically substandard food - into fuel for use by vessels.

Name: Ammo Depot
Description: This depot constructs large quantities of ammunition out of metals.


Defensive structures prevent, redirect, or otherwise soften or eliminate oncoming damage from enemy fire to a planet, protecting valuable structures and citizens from what may otherwise have been inevitable doom.

Name: Bunker
Description: Bunkers are heavily armored structures, typically buried underground, designed to protect against attacks.

Name: Planetary Shield Generator
Description: A massive, planet-wide shield generation network. It makes use of highly advanced load-balancing systems to dynamically empower shields where necessary.


Offensive structures take an active approach to oncoming fire by destroying the source of the damage before it has time to deal its damage again.

Name: Planetary Cannon
Description: A massive cannon that fires massive, specially-designed shells that easily pierce any atmosphere at enormous speeds toward distant targets. Although it fires slowly, its hits are devastating.

Name: Planetary Laser
Description: A massive laser installation that fires a continuous beam against a target for several seconds.


Special structures provide no active benefit to the planet itself. Their main benefit is passed on to the leader of the Empire.

Name: Scientific Laboratories

Description: A large, modern group of facilities to house the experiments and scientists studying everything

and anything.

Name: Planetary Thruster
Description: An enormous complex of particle accelerators is set up to fire concentrated mass at incredible velocities, allowing entire planets to move through space.


Unique structures can only built once on a particular planet, and provide significant benefits.

Name: Planet Capital
Description: The capitol of a planet provides a small but steady supply of everything necessary for survival. Upon colonization, every planet is given a Planet Capital if it does not already have one.

Name: Galactic Capital
Description: The Galactic Capitol is present only on an empire's homeworld, and cannot be rebuilt. It provides the same bonuses that a Planet Capitol does, but is far more effective in every way.

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