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Research refers to all fields of scientific study that lead to the improvement of ship Sub Systems, Structures, and most other things.

Research Web

This is how the technologies are laid out in the game. Each technology is able to connect to adjacent technologies cheaply, and diagonal technologies at a higher cost.



Description: "The study and application of materials which are resistant to various forms of weapons."
Links To:Projectile Weapons,Ship Systems and Particle Physics.
Links From:Particle Physics,Projectile Weapons,Propulsion,Ship Construction,Ship Systems or Cargo Storage.

Beam Weapons

Description: "The focused application of energy science to create weapons-grade beams."
Links To:Shields,Stealth,Sensors and Gravitics.
Links From:Energy Sciences,Gravitics,Shields or Stealth.


Description: "The study of living organisms and their environments."
Links To:Sociology,Chemistry,Particle Physics,Nanotechnology and Metallurgy.
Links From:General Sciences,Particle Physics,Metallurgy,Chemistry,Sociology,Computers or Nanotechnology.

Cargo Storage

Description: "A specialized field of applied math and science whose focus is in the creation and modification of transportable containers."
Links To:Ship Construction,Ship Systems and Armor.
Links From:Propulsion,Ship Construction or Ship Systems.


Description: "The study of chemicals and their interactions."
Links To:Missile Weapons,Metallurgy,Energy Sciences,Particle Physics,Biology and Nanotechnology.
Links From:General Sciences,Energy Sciences,Metallurgy,Biology or Missile Weapons.


Description: "A large branch of studies which generally work together to improve the speed, efficiency, logic, and size of computer technology."
Links To:Economics,Biology,Sociology and Nanotechnology.
Links From:Economics,Sociology or Nanotechnology.


Description: "The study of the trends and inter-relational systems inherent in the distribution of resources over both large and small scales."
Links To:Projectile Weapons,Sociology and Computers.
Links From:Sociology or Computers.

Energy Sciences

Description: "The study of the decay, creation, and storage of energy through both conventional and theoretical forms."
Links To:Gravitics,Beam Weapons and Chemistry.
Links From:General Sciences,Gravitics or Chemistry.


Description: "A set of scientific fields which work to improve the efficiency and economics of propulsion while branching out into new technologies."
Links To:Cargo Storage,Ship Systems,Particle Physics,Armor and Ship Construction.
Links From:General Sciences,Particle Physics,Projectile Weapons,Ship Construction or Ship Systems.


Description: "The study of the effects (and eventual creation, modification, and destruction) of gravitational fields."
Links To:Energy Sciences,Ship Construction,Sensors,Spatial Dynamics and Beam Weapons.
Links From:General Sciences,Energy Sciences,Spatial Dynamics,Beam Weapons,Ship Construction or Sensors.


Description: "The study of the behaviour, structure, and modification of metallic alloys."
Links To:Missile Weapons,Nanotechnology,Chemistry and Biology.
Links From:Chemistry,Biology,Missile Weapons or Nanotechnology.

Missile Weapons

Description: "The focused study of explosive, self-guiding and self-propelling, rockets, combining knowledge from the fields of engine technology, computers, energy and particle physics, and the effects of gravity to deliver an agile and intelligent weapon."
Links To:Chemistry and Metallurgy.
Links From:Metallurgy or Chemistry.


Description: "Consists of developing and constructing sub-microscopic machines to perform highly precise tasks."
Links To:Metallurgy,Computers,Biology and Sociology.
Links From:Metallurgy,Chemistry,Biology or Computers.

Particle Physics

Description: "The broad study of the interactions of particles on both small and large scales, in numerous environments and conditions."
Links To:Propulsion,Armor,Projectile Weapons,Sociology and Biology.
Links From:General Sciences,Chemistry,Biology,Projectile Weapons,Propulsion or Armor.

Projectile Weapons

Description: "The focused study of the creation, propulsion, and impact of unguided, fast-moving, masses for the purpose of creating weapons platforms."
Links To:Armor,Propulsion and Particle Physics.
Links From:Particle Physics,Economics,Sociology or Armor.

General Sciences

Description: "The study of both philosophical and applied techniques as well as the equipment used in the generation of the basic theories, principles, logic, and laws which guide the study of all forms of science."
Links To:Energy Sciences,Particle Physics,Gravitics,Propulsion,Chemistry and Biology.
Links From:None


Description: "The application of the knowledge of particle and energy physics, sensors are able to determine the likely cause of any emissions."
Links To:Gravitics,Stealth,Spatial Dynamics and Shields.
Links From:Gravitics,Spatial Dynamics,Beam Weapons or Stealth.


Description: "The focused application of energy physics, armor, and stealth sciences into various forms of barriers which culminate in a form of 'projected armor' which is typically classified as 'shielding' or 'shields'."
Links To:Beam Weapons and Stealth.
Links From:Beam Weapons,Stealth or Sensors.

Ship Construction

Description: "The focused application of varied forms of architectural, maths, and materials sciences to create safer, cheaper, and more spacious hulls for space-faring craft."
Links To:Gravitics,Cargo Storage,Ship Systems,Armor and Propulsion.
Links From:Gravitics,Propulsion or Cargo Storage.

Ship Systems

Description: "The study of improving the cost, efficiency, and implementation of ship-borne systems."
Links To:Armor,Cargo Storage and Propulsion.
Links From:Propulsion,Ship Construction,Cargo Storage or Armor.


Description: "The study of the creation of efficient and space-saving living quarters."
Links To:Economics,Projectile Weapons,Biology and Computers.
Links From:Particle Physics,Economics,Biology,Computers or Nanotechnology.


Description: "The utilization of known energy principles combined with the latest in armor technology to provide a scientific basis for the creation of a suite of 'stealth systems'."
Links To:Spatial Dynamics,Shields,Sensors and Beam Weapons.
Links From:Spatial Dynamics,Beam Weapons,Shields or Sensors.

Spatial Dynamics

Description: "The study of space-time physics, and the development of ways to manipulate it. Leads to a variety of highly advanced technologies."
Links To:Gravitics,Sensors and Stealth.
Links From:Gravitics,Stealth or Sensors.


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