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Name: Bulkhead
Description: Bulkheads are localized protection for a specific SubSystem. While nearly useless on their own, they increase the health of the equipped SubSystem up to 100%.
Unlocks with: Material Science 1
Tags: IndependentLink,Link
Level: Materials

        + More health than Standard Armor for its size
        - Heavy, Takes up space
Game Version

Data File Code

System: Bulkhead
	Description: #SS_BULKHEAD_DESC
	Appearance: Bulkhead
	Explosion: armor_explode lasting 0.125
	Tags: IndependentLink, Link
	Tied To: Materials 1
	Available: Techs.Materials.Level > 0
	Level: floor(Techs.Materials.Level)
	Size: Scale
	Durability: HEALTH_MULT * 25 * Size * pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level)
	Mass: 100 * Size
	Costs: Metals[80 * Size]
	Complexity: 0.2
	Tick Rate: 1
	vBonusHP: Size * HEALTH_MULT * 120 * pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level)
	Alters: subSysAlterations::addMaxHealth[vBonusHP]
	Hints: Local/BonusHP[vBonusHP]
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