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Name: Bridge
Description: Provides the means for crew members to control a vessel.
Unlocks with: Ship Systems 1
Tags: Control
Level: Ship Systems

        +Crews perform repairs, Uses little power
        -Takes more space, Requires Crew


Power from Power Systems (e.g. Power Generator )

Game Version

Data File Code

System: Bridge
	Description: #SS_BRIDGE_DESC
	Appearance: Bridge	
	Explosion: repair_weld_sparks
	Tags: Control
	Tied To: ShipSystems 1
	Available: Techs.ShipSystems.Level > 0
	Level: Techs.ShipSystems.Level
	Size: Scale	
	HPLevel: Techs.Materials.Level-1 As Level
	Durability: HEALTH_MULT * 50 * Size * pow(HEALTH_CURVE,HPLevel)
	Mass: 30 * Size
	Costs: Metals[100 * Size], 
		Electronics[125 * Size], 
		AdvParts[10 * Size], 
		Labr[5 * Size]
	Complexity: 4
	Tick Rate: 4
	vCrewReq: ceil(10 * Size * (1 + decay(pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE,Level),40)))
	vControlGen: 100 * Size * (2 - decay(pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level),50))
	Provides: Control with
		To Run: Crew[vCrewReq]
		To Run: Power[2 * Size]
	Hints: Control[vControlGen]
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