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Name: Plate Armor
Description: Constructed out of layers of metals, all this armor is capable of is taking lots of damage. One advantage plate armor has is its bulk's capacity to absorb a small portion of every hit's damage, negating it.
Unlocks with:
Tags: Armor
Level: max(Armor,1)

        +High Durability
Game Version

Data File Code

System: Armor
	Appearance: ArmorPlate
	Explosion: armor_explode lasting 0.25
	Tags: Armor
	Tied To: Armor 0
	Equips To: Armor
	PreDamageOrder: -5
	Available: 1//Techs.Armor.Level > 0
	Level: max(Techs.Armor.Level,1)
	Size: Scale
	Durability: Size * 100 * pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level) * GAME_ARMOR_MULT
	Mass: Size * 150
	Costs: Metals[400 * Size], Labr[5 * Size]
	Complexity: 0.2
	Tick Rate: 1
	Provides: SoakDamage with Amount[1 * sqrt(Object.Size) * pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level)]
	Hints: Local/DamageReduction[1 * sqrt(Object.Size) * pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE, Level)], Armor[Durability]
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